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To ensure that my website includes more than just my personal impressions of Nia the following is a selection of testimonials from other Nia dancers and participants:

Feedback on White Belt 

“During the week Ann communicated lots of enjoyment and knowledge to us. Obviously I couldn’t process it all at once but I have noticed how over the course of time my impressions are gradually “straightening out” and sinking in. Everything is falling into place. That’s great!” Tine, in Hamburg 

“The White Belt enriched me in many regards – a wonderful physical experience which has gone a long way towards helping me achieve my goal of better health. I have also become even more mindful of my body and am more aware of how I move.” Christa, in Hamburg 

“I think I’ve become more self-confident and am sometimes able to see the world with other eyes. I’m also a bit more relaxed than before the White Belt – things that would have made me absolutely mad before don’t bother me at all now.” Sabrina, in Vienna 

“My motivation to take part in a Nia White Belt week was to get myself to dance. To start moving and to activate my vitality. And that was successful. Thanks to Nia during the whole week I was constantly getting back in touch with myself; asking myself again and again how I felt and where I was. A very valuable experience.” Klaus, in Vienna


Feedback on Green Belt 

“During the Green Belt I realized how quickly incorrect moves can creep in. Interestingly this week of training not only tidied up my Nia technique, but it also changed my sense of order in general. After the Belt I spent days tidying up my office. I noticed that I can learn far more efficiently if I tidy up first.” Christel, in St. Gallen 

“The Green Belt with Ann gave me a lot of knowledge and confidence. Intensifying the Nia “Music”, “Timing” and “Moves” tools gave me more self-confidence. My participants noticed this right away and gave me positive feedback!” Rena, in Hamburg 

“It gave me exactly what I needed – the tools! The Green Belt focuses on the technique of movement and teaching techniques. That was what I needed. Not “just” dancing but a basis, a foundation!” Meike, in Hamburg

"The Greenbelt gave me security and clarity for my Nia lessons." Tine, in Emden


Feedback on Blue Belt 

“For me this week was a deeply meaningful experience. I have a family and rarely go anywhere without them. At the Belt I felt like a woman again, not a mother and a wife, which was scary to begin with but which I then enjoyed a lot.” Marianne, in Hamburg 

“The best Belt yet for me. There was so much exciting information and practical exercises which was not only good for my Nia but also made themselves felt in the “rest of my life”. I am, for example, always 100 per cent in the moment and more concentrated. It shows in little things sometimes – since the Blue Belt I can now always find my car key without having to look for too long. Fantastic!” Katja, in Hamburg

“This Belt gave me a lot of techniques, tools and skills. Not just for my teaching. My life also has a new insight and clarity.” Astrid, in Hamburg

"The Bluebelt has deepened my understanding of Nia in many different layers. Both, as a student and as a future teacher." Ifat, in Israel


Feedback on Brown Belt

“Ann repeatedly described the Brown Belt as the invisible Belt. I think that’s an excellent description. I’m not really doing anything differently than before, it’s just the “how” that’s a bit different and the effect has been enormous. The feeling that I was doing something good for myself was even stronger than after the other Belts. I had had a tough year and felt correspondingly burned out, so I was able to feel intensively how much these days fulfilled me and how I regained my strength and power bit by bit.” Mara, in Hamburg 

“Doing the Brown Belt with Ann was particularly great for me. She is so passionate when she teaches – and she’s funny, honest and extremely experienced.” Paula, in Hamburg

"My experience of the Brownbelt was deeply inspiring, and as a result, my Nia practice and the classes I teach feel more focused, grounded, and peaceful. This was a life-altering gift for me!" Deborah, in Toronto 

This, I believe is the essence of Nia. It starts with falling in love with your body. And then it moves to the ultimate love experience, which for me was the essence of the Brownbelt... to love for no reason at all." Tania, in Cape Town


Feedback on Black Belt 

“Right back when I got my White Belt I knew that I wanted to go all the way to the Black Belt. I wanted the whole Nia package! The Black Belt made me feel complete but also felt like a new beginning. It brings together all the previous Belts and is like the icing on the cake that I was missing!” Amanda 

“The Black Belt was a truly magical training. When I signed up for it I knew that I would be 6 months pregnant when it took place – and it was a very special feeling to do the Belt together with our baby. It proved to me that Nia really is for everyBODY!” Jennika, in Finland 

“Contrary to expectations after my Black Belt I feel more as if I was at the beginning than the end of my Nia training. It gave me a whole new appreciation of the basics and, in particular, that Nia has no beginning or end but instead is a never-ending, always expandable cycle.” Michele, in London

"This Belt is for those who feel committed to Nia and wish to be more accurate, professional and deepen their skills and body of work." Shelly, in Hamburg