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Nia and combat sports

Nia and combat sports 

COMMON GROUND Just like a good strength training session every Nia class includes muscle-strengthening exercises for the arm, leg and torso muscles. Martial arts elements include numerous precise punches and kicks, which are particularly effective for the working and strengthening of core muscles. The “floorplay” segment, a concluding segment on the floor, is strongly influenced by strength training exercises using the body’s own weight. Push-ups, bridges and stronger force yoga exercises are incorporated into the floor choreography, strengthening the deep muscles. 

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF NIA In addition to the training stimulus for muscle development Nia also includes relaxation elements. These stretching and relaxation segments are not only beneficial to wellbeing; they are also proven to have a positive effect on muscle development. Since a Nia session also always involves rousing music and you often move easily and playful when in the groove you frequently don’t notice how much, how long and how effectively you are working your muscles. So there is virtually no feeling that you are punishing yourself when doing Nia! 

WHAT NIA CAN OFFER YOUR SPORT If you use equipment and weights when training or work with your body’s own weight at the gym to define your muscles then Nia is a good, joint-friendly supplement. Because Nia will help you to train your strength and flexibility even more and to experience new training stimuli. In Nia we work a lot with physical consciousness, known as “FAMS” – flexibility, agility, mobility and stability. The every different qualities of alternating fast and slow, hard and soft moves strengthen muscles effectively. After just a few sessions you will notice the difference – your muscles will be harder and more defined.

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