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"Welcome to! My name is Ann Christiansen, and on this site I’d like to introduce you to something unique: Nia – a form of fusion fitness that combines elements of martial arts, dance and relaxation techniques, and touches body, mind and soul"

Soul. Power. annimejt.

"Welcome to! My name is Ann Christiansen and on this website I want to introduce you to something very special: Nia - A form of fusion fitness that combines elements of martial arts, dance and relaxation techniques and touches body, mind and soul."

Soul. Power. Ann.

Anniann brings Nia to life, but who is it that brings life to Anniann? Find out more about the woman behind Anniann.

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Three significant factors from my years in the world of competitive sport have helped shape what I bring to my approach today:

I am what I do: I am very fortunate to practise a craft that brings so much JOY & FULFILMENT. For me, this joy and fulfilment are inseparable from my calling.

Alongside this, I have always aimed for PROFESSIONALISM, something that has roots in my past as a high-performance athlete.

Most significant, however, is this third aspect, a realisation that has solidified through 20 years of experience: both of these factors can be integrated into my approach to work synergistically. Only through this integration have I been able to fulfil my desire to create something that fosters the capacity for deep JOY and FULFILMENT, but remains SUSTAINABLE.


In the coming months and years, my intention is to make this professional approach available to you as well, step by step. You can think of anniann as an “Ann-tested” quality seal based on direct experience that you can now draw on.

With anniann, we’re pleased to have laid a FIRST TECHNICAL FOUNDATION STONE for this. We are committed to supporting you so that you too can follow your calling in ways that are both joyful and fulfilling. We want to offer you the harvest of ANN’S IN-DEPTH EXPERIENCE so you can focus on your own uniquely creative life.

Welcome. Here’s to a fruitful future together.


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“For me this week was a deeply meaningful experience. I have a family and rarely go anywhere without them. At the Belt I felt like a woman again, not a mother and a wife, which was scary to begin with but which I then enjoyed a lot.” 

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“During the Green Belt I realized how quickly incorrect moves can creep in. Interestingly this week of training not only tidied up my Nia technique, but it also changed my sense of order in general. After the Belt I spent days tidying up my office. I noticed that I can learn far more efficiently if I tidy up first.”

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“I think I’ve become more self-confident and am sometimes able to see the world with other eyes. I’m also a bit more relaxed than before the White Belt – things that would have made me absolutely mad before don’t bother me at all now.” 


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