Playshop – Choreography, Katas and Creativity

In this playshop I will share my path to creativity and how something complex, such as movement, can be reduced to the minimum and have the maximum room for creativity and expression at the same time! How does it work, you may ask yourself. That’s what you will find out! We will play with the building blocks of our 52 moves, adapt movements to different music, make specific choices to make it all come alive and be balanced and blended with “The Body’s way” and “Your body’s way”.

This playshop is open for Nia teachers and Students

23.05.2020 at 04.00PM german time

New York time: 10.00AM

Israel time: 05.00PM


Playshop – “Focus on the Focus”

In this playshop you will learn how to consciously personally train yourself to achieve the mental benefits of sustaining a focus for your Nia class. This will help you direct your attention to details and receive even more benefits in your Nia practice. My personal journey and discoveries, I have made over the years, with how to change the focus in order to make something that may have started to feel repetitive and „old“ can give you tools to dare a little more, to let go of wanting things to be „perfect“ and trust your own choices and go with the flow.

This playshop is open to Nia teachers and students!

30.05.2020 at 10.00 AM german time

Israel time: 11.00AM

Singapur time: 04.00PM

Brisbane time: 06.00PM


Each playshop will be followed by a Nia class that will give you another opportunity to digest the material.