Hello from Hamburg,

I hope you and your family are fine and everyone is healthy.

These are crazy times and the world situation challenges everyone to come up with creative solutions. And that’s exactly why I’m writing you today to give you a little update concerning Ann’s events and belts. It is worth reading the whole text 😉

I have been in contact with many health authorities (from different countries, federal states and municipalities) for some time and am trying to develop a “healthy” strategy.

Unfortunately, this is not so easy, because everyone has different schedules, specifications or restrictions.

There are several easing of measures almost everywhere and more and more is possible. But not everything will be possible and you may also have personal concerns!?!


Current situation:

Outdoor, it is possible to be active almost everywhere, even if only in very small groups.

In some countries or regions it is also possible to be active indoors in smaller groups. Usually there are max. 5 people and with a minimum distance. Some say 20m2 per person or 10m2 per person, but max. 5 people including trainer. There is no official regulation in Hamburg yet (it will probably be decided on May 25th) and then until June 30th further loosened in stages.

In Switzerland this is e.g. already possible for two weeks and Switzerland wants to decide whether all restrictions from 08.06. should be lifted again taking into account the hygiene regulations or individual requirements.

The conclusion (of the health authorities from the European countries with which I spoke) was that the restrictions should be loosened slowly over June, so that in July it should be possible to carry out the activities again almost “normally”. Taking into account the strict hygiene regulations and any other requirements (such as minimum distance and larger premises).

Of course, regional tightening can also occur from time to time.

In Israel, too, there are said to be some small eases.

Australia is said to be the same as in Europe and Israel.

In South Africa it does not yet appear that there will be any major easing in the foreseeable future.


Our planning from July:

Of course, we will take into account and implement all requirements and hygiene regulations in our events.

We plan that we will be able to work “restricted” again in July and organize belts.

All postponed events will be rescheduled and carried out in July if possible.

If you have personal concerns, whether you have registered or wanted to, there are several options.


Future, alternatives, possibilities & our offer:

If you have registered for a belt and want to postpone your participation, this is of course possible. We will schedule the dates for 2021 in the next few weeks.

If you want to participate, but have concerns, there is now an opportunity for you to participate in an event live in the online stream.

We have been working hard on a digital format in the past few weeks and have developed classes and playshops. These were very well accepted and if you have followed us, you know that the quality has always improved.

We are continuously working to get better. We are currently working on our own streaming solution and we are on the right track. According to health authorities, we still have time until July ;-).

This enables us to offer you to participate in a belt, even if you have concerns about traveling until the situation has completely normalized.


Here is our offer to you:

You register for your Belt with Ann or leave your reservation and take part in the whole Belt digitally live. And when Ann will be back in your region or you can travel again, you can make a repeat.

In addition, Nianow is considering that the belts should always have their own digital format (3×90 minutes per day via online connection + social media). What do you think about it?

Of course it is something new and difficult to compare. Not just because there is no group feeling. But I know from the past few weeks that Ann can also convey the fun, her know-how and the spirit in this new way.

If you have already seen Ann live, but haven’t been online yet but would like to try it out, please send me an email (soeren.petersen@anniann.com) and I will find a way for you.


I am particularly interested in your personal opinion. It would be very helpful if you could send me your opinion on this offer briefly.

Even if it is a lot of text, I hope that I have not bored you and answered some questions and offered other possibilities.

I wish you a nice weekend, enjoy your time to the fullest, stay positive and healthy.


Best Regards from Hamburg


You can find the belts with Ann here: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/ann-christiansen-29443603517#live_events

Live-Classes with Ann:https://anniann.com/en/anniann-live/