The first Nia fans successfully completed their training in the Corona summer. Of course it’s different, but I can also say from the bottom of my heart that it feels right to dance with Nia fans again.

Not that tight. Unfortunately not with so many international participants, as many cannot travel, but incredibly powerful and energizing.

Due to Corona, the situation on site is as follows:

  • As a precaution, please always have a mask with you for all circumstances. You will also need them when shopping, etc.
  • The premises are regularly ventilated
  • Disinfectant is available on site
  • In the event of symptoms, a negative test must be presented or the participant may not continue to participate
  • Due to the “10m2 per person” regulation, approx. 13 participants (belt participants + visitors + trainers) are allowed in premises
  • Showers can be used and must be disinfected after each use
  • All cups and glasses are not allowed to be washed by hand. Please always use the dishwasher.
  • Everyone must bring their own pillows, knee pads or blankets.
  • JOY OF MOVEMENT remains a prerequisite 😉


October 19th Whitebelt in Lauenau:
October 30th Whitebelt in Wien:


February 28th Bluebelt in Hamburg:
March 8th Greenbelt in Hamburg:
May 22th Whitebelt in Schondorf:
June 5th Whitebelt in Turku:
July 10th Brownbelt in Hamburg:
July 17th Blackbelt in Hamburg:
July 27th Whitebelt in Hamburg:
Septemberr 4th Bluebelt in Schondorf: