Two months of Nia intensive trainings behind us. Many have waited a long time for this Nia belt week and I was really a little bit nervous. A Sense of new beginning.

“Do it like it was the first time!” – has become my motto over the last few months.

Disinfecting the premises and keeping the distance between participants are just the obvious things that have changed. But also a chance of becoming aware of one`s own body by being not so close with the group. Connecting in different ways.

For me it feels very strange not to hug my Nia students at the ceremonial handover of the Nia Belt. We now replace the connection of a hug with deep eye contact.
We had magical moments in Switzerland, Hamburg and Schondorf and used music and movement as a source of healing for our body and mind.

It was great to feel the diversity of the participants again. In Switzerland, some participants had never danced Nia and we were able to enjoy many great moments outdoor at Lake Sempach. In Hamburg I was able to welcome many Nia teachers from France to the Brown and Black Belt, that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. And in Schondorf there was a woman who has been climbing professionally for many years and who discovered Nia as a balance and addition to her previous sport.

One of the great lessons for all of us was to strengthen our balance and our nervous system through movement. An important tool that you can always choose by practicing Nia so as not to be overwhelmed by the uncertainties that lie in the future.

I am very happy to continue to share my trainings and Nia practice with you online and offline. You can take part at any time, even without knowledge.

“Jump in!”

See you soon, love Ann!