Entries by Markus Köller


The new “normal”

I am very touched and grateful to have found a way to keep in touch with you and to continue
teaching Nia. The “new normal” is very special and of course I miss so many things.
Especially small details such as the daily encounters in the changing room. I’ve spent my
whole life in changing rooms. As a swimmer when I trained after school and now as a nia
teacher in the gyms. I always say there is a little “changing room ghost”. No matter when and
where I am, he is always there. Every time I change after the nia class or after the sauna (oh, I
miss the sauna!) someone comes and says: “Sorry, my closet is right next to yours!” … I think
you know what I mean. These everyday encounters like a little conversation or just a “Have a
nice day” or a smile at the door are all missing now.


Keep on dancing!

teaching the live classes is completely different, but I totally enjoy staying in touch with you. It takes almost a full day to prepare a class with all the new details needed to connect! You realize how much technology and support is required when you really implement it.


Let’s meet online!

Liebe Nia-Community, seit 23 Jahren unterrichte ich fast täglich Nia. In der aktuellen kreativen Zwangspause habe ich die letzten Tage viel über ein Projekt nachgedacht, dass ich seit langem angehen wollte. Zwischen den täglichen Nia-Stunden, Nia Intensive Trainings und kleinen Erholungspausen fehlte mir im Alltag die Zeit. Jetzt ist der richtige Zeitpunkt gekommen, dieses Projekt zu starten: Let’s meet online!