Dear Nia community,

teaching the live classes is completely different, but I totally enjoy staying in touch with you. It takes almost a full day to prepare a class with all the new details needed to connect! You realize how much technology and support is required when you really implement it.

But we are getting better and better and on Wednesday night we were a magical 52 people from all over the world.

Good news: We have posted new classes for next week. You can register via the following link:

Because we assumed that Ann’s Live Classes were ”only” interesting for our time zone, we only sent our last newsletter to the people who live in Europe. We now receive questions from New Zealand, Singapore and NY.

For this reason, we have involved all time zones in this newsletter this time and if you are still or already awake, you are very welcome to join!

The Nia classes always take place at 11 a.m. or 5 p.m. (local time in Hamburg, Central European Standard Time (GMT + 1)).

How do you log in?

First you create an account with “Punchpass”, then you buy a pass and then book your date for the nia class via the schedule.

You will then receive an email with the invoice and an email with the confirmation of your booking and a link to Zoom. This link will take you to our Nia class.

If you do not get an email with the Zoom link after you have booked your session, please contact (with your name and your desired session). Sören will take care of your registration.

Why do we take a fee?

As you can see in the pictures, we have set up a real film studio with the help of professionals in our office in the last few days to bring you the best sound and the best picture quality home. With your fee, we can pay for equipment and the freelance workers who, like so many of us, are very badly hit by order slumps.

Thanks for your support.