I want to share my knowledge about the chakra system and provide you with tools that can enhance and deepen your personal connection to these energy centers.
In my training as a kinesiologist I worked many years with the 7-chi-key system that balances, harmonizes and treats the Chakras through sound, colour, affirmations, flower essences and more.

Since I am a Nia teacher I have always included chakra work into the movement practise and with this playlist we can both dive deeper and expand up and out into the resonance and create homeostatis for self-healing!

For Nia teachers extra-goodies are included!
The playshop is for everybody. Dancing Yogi´s are very welcome.

Playshop Chakra Dancer Part 1 (Chakra 1-3):
10.04.2020, 11 am
(local time in Hamburg, Central European Standard Time (GMT + 1))

Playshop Chakra Dancer Part 2 (Chakra 4-7)
17.04.2020, 12:30 – 13:30 pm
(local time in Hamburg, Central European Standard Time (GMT + 1))

My Playlist on spotify. ENJOY!

In this special time I have included the chakradancer Class for you on the 06.04 at 5pm and on the 13.04 at 11am in the normal Live Stream series of classes.
Registration via: ttps://anniann.com/en/anniann-live/

Let´s get through this time keep our energy balanced and well cared for.