We are here for you! The new lockdown hits among others our industry
tough. It is therefore important to stick together and support one another.
How are you? How is your Nia business doing?
The exchange is very important to us and we have put together some
links and suggestions that should support you.

I am very grateful that so many Nia trainings could take place this year under the new conditions. “Taking care of the space” got a whole new meaning for me and the intensity and the connection with the participants was very strong.

Since October I have been offering the various Nia training levels online. 16 intense weeks, with participants from all over the world and I have to say that every week I fall in love with this format more. The mindful practices and lifestyle philosophies in Nia are unique! And it works online & offline!

CHOOSING JOY & PASSION in these challenging times. In Germany, all sports studios and dance schools are closed in November ”Oh-no November”. That is why I am again offering daily live classes and workshops on weekends.

The first Nia fans successfully completed their training in the Corona summer. Of course it’s different, but I can also say from the bottom of my heart that it feels so good to dance with Nia fans again.
On my website I have summarized the most important rules and changes for the belt weeks with me.
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I have been teaching Nia online for almost half a year now. An exciting time! To take your wishes and needs into account in our planning we created a short survey. Thank you for your time and support!

The WorldWideWeb makes it possible: from autumn 2020 you can experience your whitebelt, greenbelt, bluebelt, brownbelt and blackbelt online with me. The online offer includes 16 weeks of interactive Nia training with participants from all over the world. The online course will allow you to stay in the safety, convenience and privacy of your home, while receiving the life-changing somatic lessons of Nia!

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Two months of Nia Intensive trainings behind us. Many have waited a long time for this Nia belt week and I was really a little bit nervous. In my block article I have collected my learning moments and experiences for you.

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Can I travel to my Nia intensive training? Which regulations apply in Hamburg? And how do I protect myself?
For all these questions and more, we have selected the relevant rules and regulations.

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The time has come: the dates for the Nia training weeks in the second half of 2020 and the first dates for 2021 have been set! From white to black belt, everything is included! Repeaters are also very welcome

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