Dear Nia Friends,

the Year has been IGNITED with my new Nia routine! I wish you all the best Start in 2020 and that we will meet somewhere in on a dancefloor soon to IGNITE our passion for Nia!

2019, the year we celebrated 20 Years if of Nia in Switzerland with a big WOW event gave me many chances to experience the Evolution of Nia and how it is steadily growing attracting people who are seeking a healthy lifestyle choice for movement. Hosting Debbie in Hamburg for first degree blackbelt and evolution event was a very special time to connect to the source and the philosophy of

„move to feel better and feel to heal.“.

I am very proud and happy about the newest Body of Work IGNITE which is now out on NiaTV and everyBODY can enjoy the unique music and the simplex (simple yet a good complexity for NeuroMuscular Integration ) choreographies with lots of depth.

This routine will be the focus of the “New GREENBELT” here in Hamburg in March!

You are welcome to join.

Last but not least we have launched our new website with easy navigation and lots of pictures for you to enjoy. Let us know how you like it!

Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and tips.

I look forward to us interacting and communicating!