Since October I have been offering the various Nia training levels online. 16 intense weeks, with participants from all over the world and I have to say that every week I fall in love with this format more. The mindful practices and lifestyle philosophies in Nia are unique!

White, Blue and Brown Belt have already started and Nia teachers and students from all over the world have chosen to join me: Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Mauritius, Canada, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Sweden and Germany.

I am very touched by how passionate my students are, deepening and internalizing all the tools and methods given in the online Nia Belt trainings.

The Black and Green Belts will start in a few days. Are you in?

Online Blackbelt:

Online Greenbelt:

If you want to jump on the Blu- & Brownbelt train, then you still have 7 days in order to do this. All sessions are recorded and you can still join us. Repeats are also very welcome.

Online Bluebelt:

Online Brownbelt: